UNDERSTANT God’s gift to man QUIZ

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UNDERSTAND God’s Good Gift To Man

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Jehovah made ____________ and heaven.

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Jehovah made man out of ____________ taken from the ground and breathed into him the breath of life. [dust] love

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Jehovah planted a garden in ____________.

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He made grow all kinds of trees that are pleasant to look at and good for food, also the tree of ____________ and the tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil.

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"You may eat all you wish from every tree of the garden, except from the tree that gives the ____________ of good and evil.

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“From this you shall not eat, for if you eat from it you shall surely ____________." [die] rejoice

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Out of the ground Jehovah made all the wild beasts and birds, and brought them to the man to see what he would ____________ them. [name] fear

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Then Jehovah made the man fall into a deep sleep; and while he slept, he took one of his ____________ and closed up its place with flesh. [ribs] visions

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The rib, which he had taken from the man, Jehovah made into a ____________ and brought her to the man.

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